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Rotary Club of Cheltenham

Monthly Newsletter June 2022

Club Assembly

Attended by Graham Ogden, District Governor and Colin Gatenby AG, Area5

Graham presented the Club with a framed certificate congratulating the Rotary Club of Cheltenham on its 100th anniversary, together with a letter from Shekhar Mehta, Rotary International President, 2021-22.

President Elect, Charmian, Club Leads, Paul Clark, David Price, Roger Brunt and Paul Murphy gave presentations of their plans for the forthcoming year.

Comments were received from Colin Gatenby.

Rotary Fun Night

Supper at Bar & Wok followed by Ten Pin Bowling

Twenty-two members and guests enjoyed this evening.

Thanks to Paul Clark who organised this event.

Top scorers were Wendy Price and David Evans

Paul Harris Fellowship – PHF Sapphire

Peter Limbrick was presented with a PHF Sapphire. He has been Club Treasurer for nine years. Peter was a valued member of our Centenary Group, involved in the tree planting funding and Centenary Dinner. Together with a Welcomer at Club meetings.

Meeting Speaker – Samantha Ramsey

Yummy Honey Hives

Samantha delivered a very interesting talk. informing us that she owns and manages eight beehives with a million bees.

Her main objective is to promote beekeeping in Gloucestershire.

Samantha invited members to buy a two year share in a beehive, which includes a visit to your hive and an annual jar of honey, for £5 per month.

Handover – Tuesday 28th June 2022

President David Evans handed the chain of office to Charmian Sheppard.

Paul Murphy is the Club, President Elect.

David thanked all members for their grateful support, during the last eighteen months, with many new objectives achieved during the Centenary year. He felt it was a rewarding challenge.

Charmian was our first lady President in 2009 and during the last thirteen years has become involved in many projects in pursuit of helping local charities.

Future Meetings and events

Saturday 2nd July Midsummer Fiesta at Imperial Gardens

Tuesday 5th July – Council and Business Meeting at Jurys Inn

Saturday 6th August – Garden Party at David & Wendy Price house

Tuesday 9th August – Treasure Hunt

David Evans

Immediate Past President

Cheltenham Rotary

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