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We are pleased to announce that The Cheltenham Post has agreed to print a regular Rotary column in their newspaper

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Cheltenham Rotary KidsOut Adventures

Some people, quite mistakenly, view Rotary Clubs as being about older people, about having dull meetings, about raising money, but we have discovered that there's much more to Rotary than you’d think. Yes, Cheltenham Rotary does raise money, lots of it; tens of thousands every year, but how they use this money is what makes Rotary interesting, and this is a typical example:

Lady Grantchester of the Moores family, owners of the Littlewoods Empire, suggested to her local Rotary Club in Kingston, that they should take disadvantaged children on a day out. Rotary and the town's Littlewood’s Store arranged it and they took 200 children to Thorpe Park. Because the outing was so successful, Lady Grantchester offered a one-off grant to any Rotary Club that was willing to arrange a similar event on the second Wednesday in June.

Overnight 800 Rotary Clubs around the country, including Cheltenham Rotary, joined in and the 'National Rotary Kids Day Out' was formed, and it instantly became the country's largest annual single day event for disadvantaged children, giving thousands of them an experience of a lifetime.

That was 31 years ago. In 1999 Rotary Great Britain & Ireland shaped the event into a charity and changed the name to KidsOut. Sadly, we lost Lady Grantchester in 2019 at the age of 93 after a short illness, but thanks to her kindness and foresight, KidsOut is still going strong.

Cheltenham Rotary have been taking children from Battledown Assessment Centre and Bettridge School on annual days out to a variety of places including West Midlands Safari Park, Cotswold Farm Park and Eastnor Castle every year since 1991 as part of KidsOut. Most of the children are in the 5 to 7 years age range, and as you'll imagine, at times, it's like herding cats! When they see something interesting, they move like lightning and keeping up with them can be a real challenge, but they have great fun, and that is the important thing.

The two coach journeys are massively different. On the outwards journey, the children are chattering, laughing, and shouting excitedly when they saw anything interesting, but on the way home they're so exhausted that most of them are asleep almost as soon as the wheels started turning. Sleeping and happy and content.

The planned KidsOut event for 2020 had to be cancelled and it's very unlikely that anything can be done this year, but Cheltenham Rotary are determined to return to annual outings for these children as soon as possible. More details of this and other events can be seen on their website: along with KidsOut photographs from previous years. If you would like to help out at this type of activity, or if you'd like to enquire about Rotary membership, their website is the place to start. Being part of Rotary is clearly very rewarding, for their members, and for the people they help.