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Rotary in Cheltenham



As part of Rotary International, we are committed to eradicating Polio, or to give it it’s full name Poliomyelitis ….. hence the title MILE of Coins. Polio is a terrible, incurable, viral disease which in the main affects children, maiming and killing them. Once in the body, it cannot be cured. The only protection is by vaccination to halt the spread of the disease. Rotary is a major contributor to the fight against Polio and here in Cheltenham we want to raise a significant sum to help to completely eradicate Polio worldwide.

Cheltenham Rotary invites you to ‘Put Your Foot in it’ by

Completing a foot long strip of coins to donate £5

A Mile of Coins is the current major project being run by Rotary in Cheltenham, and YOU can be part of it as a Sponsor or as a contributor ??? What is the Mile Of Coins all about ??? ??? When and where will it take place ???

In Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham on Saturday 28th May 2022

……. And we need to collect the £5 card strips as soon as we can because arranging it all ready for the big day will be a major task.

??? How can my company be involved ???

Just click on our Donate page and you’ll see all the details

??? I want to donate. How can I do it ??? ??? I’m only 10 and I don’t have £5. What should I do ???

We’ve designed the campaign around you! Just get hold of a card and then you can ask your parents, aunties, uncles and family friends to each give you a few coins for you to stick on the card. You’ll have fun doing it and pleasure in knowing that you are saving the lives of other children.

??? Where can I find more information about Rotary’s fight to eradicate polio ???

Here’s the link that will take you to the

Rotary International End-Polio-Now website:

 ..... Just click anywhere on this paragraph and you’ll be whisked to the website!

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??? What are we planning to do???

We’re going to create a MILE OF COINS by laying 5,280 one-foot strips end to end, each to the value of £5. This will raise £25,000! Enough to protect 100,000 children around the world!

Picture from our previous Mile Of Coins event in 2013

Every £5 strip that is donated is very important, but to make the campaign a huge success we really need local companies, clubs, groups, etc. to contribute larger amounts. Please go to our Donate page or call one of our members. Their phone numbers are on the Contact page.