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Poliomyelitis is a terrible viral infection that mainly affects children. It paralyses muscles, wasting them, causing lameness, severe disability and worst of all breathing difficulties which often leads to death at a young age.

By a mass vaccination programme, Polio has been eradicated in all but 2 countries where it continues to maim and kill children.

It’s vitally important to stamp it out completely, otherwise it may regain it’s foothold around the world.

For the last 30 years Rotary International has contributed billions of pounds in the fight to end Polio for all children in the world. Our campaign is working, but must be continued until Polio is just a distant memory.

Fortunately, Polio is a very stable virus and so inoculations will protect a child for life, and that’s why Rotary in Cheltenham is in the forefront of this battle …… and we’re winning! But the fight isn’t over yet and we can only succeed with the help of people like you!

Happy children queuing up to receive Their Polio vaccination in 1954 POLIO Unfortunate Indian children recently Maimed by Polio