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Cheltenham Rotary events and activities


Cheltenham Rotary is part of a worldwide network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. Our town benefits greatly from Cheltenham Rotary, both in terms of funding for local charities, and also because we support local good causes like Open Door and Battlefield Children’s Hospice. But it’s not just about what we do for others. Our members also derive great pleasure and social interaction here and abroad by being part of Cheltenham Rotary.

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September 11th

Yesterday several of uor members visited the Cotswold Riding for the Disabled to present a cheque for £900. More details on our home page ….

August 20th

Our Covid-19 vaccine appeal has reached an astonishing £30,000. We have now closed the fund and paid the money to the Gavi Foundation.

August 9th

We’ve held our first Garden Fete for 2 years …. And it felt really good!

July 20th

We’ve had to delay our planned mega celebrations for our centenary year because booking a suitable venue with the current levels of uncertainty is deemed too financially risky

June 7th

Although still in pandemic restrictions, we’re making preparations for our summer programme of events. Will they be able to go ahead? Only time will tell

May 5th

Our vaccine appeal is roaring ahead …… over £20k including gift aid. How marvellous is that!

March 19th

We have now officially launched our ‘Friends of Cheltenham Rotary’ scheme. If you would like to be included in this, please contact our Membership Team Leader. ‘Friends’ will receive regular updates on our activities and invitations to join us for many activities and social events.

March 12th

We have re-launched our Covid-19 appeal with a slight difference; adding Cheltenham to the title.

The donations are still arriving, including a cheque for £1,000 received this morning.

March 10th

Wow. Our vaccine appeal has now passed £5,000 in donations …. And they’re still coming in!

March 4th 2021

More content added to our website. It’s going to be a long process before it’s all complete.

March 4th 2021

The Vaccine Appeal has now topped £4,000, enough already for hundreds of vaccines.

March 2021

Our Rotary Vaccine Appeal has now topped £3,750 and the donations are still pouring in, by online donation and by cheque

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